Print not dead yet - part 2

In a day and age of digital advertising, we naturally associate great advertising with online content. But, the simple truth is that print is still a huge contender in the worldwide advertising market.

Today, print remains one of the largest industries in the world, eclipsing auto-manufacturing and, despite our perceptions, is a massive 18 times bigger than the video games industry. While the industry is adapting and changing to keep up with the digital market, it remains one of the world’s largest industries, and continues to grow year on year.

The reason for its continued growth is very simple; in this digital age, customers are far more appreciative of simple techniques. Customers actually appreciate receiving a postcard, a physical well-designed catalogue or a thank you note in the post than they do receiving an impersonal email littered with links. In fact, response rates to direct post is up 14% from 2004, while response rates to marketing emails are down 57%.

The fact is that print offers a far more personable form of attentiveness to the customer and their needs. Print has a certain gravitas that captures the attention of the potential customer, and ensures you are more like to stay in their mind.

Furthermore, print advertising is far easier to tailor to your advertising budget, with quarter-page, half page or full page ads in newspapers and magazines. Print advertising is far easier to work with, then a digital add, which are often forgotten about at the click of a button.

While digital advertising grows day by day, print advertising retains is gravitas and gains a certain uniqueness in a digital age. The best advertising campaigns are achieved through a mixture of digital and print advertising, but one thing is for sure. Print certainly isn’t dead yet; in fact, to use print in your next advertising campaign will make you and your company stand out from the crowd of digital hacks.