Benefits of Print Advertising

Nowadays, it is very appealing when setting up an advertising campaign to only consider your digital campaign. In the long run, it’s cheaper to finance and run, far more likely to be spotted by your targeted clientele, with a strong possibility of untargeted groups being reached, simpler to set up and run, and easier to chop and change at the click of a mouse. That’s all very well and good, but print advertising is far from dead and still carries the same gravitas it has done for decades.

Print advertising allows you to bridge a deeper connection with your potential clients than any advertising you can put on a computer screen. With a physical advert to hold onto, potential clients are more likely to remember you the next time their looking for the services your company offers.  Print offers a buyers flexibility and more personal attention to your clients than digital advertising can offer.

Furthermore, with print advertising, you can tailor your advertising to your budget, using a range of materials from flyers to posters to banners and, in our case, a range of materials to make your adverts fresh, appealing and eye-catching to customers in a way that online simply cannot offer. Nowadays, you ensure you stand out from the crowd even more so by launching a print advertising campaign in an age in which the advertising market is awash with company websites, online and social media campaigns and pop up adverts.

As we know, the most successful advertising works best when it combines the new and the old, using both print and online advertising. New technologies such as Augmented Realities are impacting both markets in a way not seen before, and allowing both these markets to merge together.

It’s important to use the modern day technologies to our advantage in advertising, but we cannot forget the importance of print advertising in this. It makes our companies stand out even more in a competitive market and brings endless benefits to our individual advertising campaigns.

Keep an eye out for a follow up piece next week, which will be written by a very special guest!