Automation in Print

The printing industry is having to evolve to keep up with the demands of shrinking turn around times, ever increasing demands from print buyers and the explosion of shorter and more customised runs. This evolution will be in the form of workflow automation and is what is being referred to as ‘Industry 4.0’

Automatic proofing systems such as Fuji’s XMF and instant pricing in Coreprint Pro by Vpress and Accura online will drive this. 

XMF Remote Proofing allows users to upload artwork via a link, where they can get an instant preflight report, highlighting any issues with artwork. Users also have the ability to download a ripped PDF proof, which eliminates toing and throwing of emails, hence saving the client time.

Coreprint Pro and Accura Online work as an online shopfront, enabling users to personalise content and have their print supplier set up a personalised online store that works for them. Both systems provide clients with instant quotes and online ordering, again saving time.

Automation is a modern means of improving operational efficiency. It means less human touch points, resulting in fewer mistakes and making print buying and a more streamlined, seamless process.